ElectroLockby Electrodyn Systems Ltd. is the only elevator door restrictor that offers flawless operation under any conditions. Unlike complex mechanical and photoelectric systems, ElectroLock uses rock-solid RFID-based electrosensor technology to accurately signal its magnalatch door-locking mechanism. Passenger safety is never compromised thanks to ElectroLock’s magnalatch, which maintains its last position without batteries in the event of power loss.

The Code Compliant ElectroLock Door Restrictor is designed to fit most car doors and provide a durable method of restricting their operation between unlocking zones.

The “A” Model uses RFID technology to detect when the car is level with the landing by sensing the presence of a target no bigger than a credit card. The RFID reader will sense the target even in thick smoke and dust.

The “B” Model interfaces to the controller and unlocks when a “Door Zone” signal is received. Due to both units’ unique design, installation time is reduced and there is no need for maintenance. When a target is detected or controller signal received, the locking bolt is retracted unlocking the car door. The locking bolt will not be returned to the locked position until the door is closed and the car has moved away from the landing. This unit is unique in that it does not require a battery to maintain its functionality. Once initiated, it remains in its last position if power is lost.

Fully code compliant and maintenance free, ElectroLock installs quickly on any door operator and operates silently and reliably, year after year. A clear solution for meeting ASME A17.1 requirements for car door security. No wonder so many building owners are saying, “I want ElectroLock!”