The US91 OPTIC C3/C3P Pushbutton is a modern twist on a classic – a clean timeless appearance. The illuminated Braille Tag shows clear identification and can be illuminated in a wide variety of colours. The US91 Optic is available with any of our standard circular pressels be that the Belly Button (as shown) or the classic US91 blank, bulls-eye or legend – the choice is yours.

Features & Benefits

  • Code compliant Braille with 0.625” / 16 mm high illuminated legend
  • A halo of light between the pressel and surround via a patented hidden recess encircles the pressel
  • Legend and halo can be constantly illumination at half intensity, switching to full intensity for indication of position or call acceptance. The legend can also be illuminated with a different colour if desired
  • Braille tag legend and dots can be illuminated
  • Also available in C3P body for Low Profile surface-mounted fixtures (1” / 25.4 mm)
  • Braille tag finish options – stainless steel or brass in either brush or mirror. Or black anodized aluminum
  • Meets vandal resistance standard EN81-71 cat 2
  • Meets EN81-1/2, EN81-72, EN81-73 & EN60529 (IP54), B44-10 & ASME 17.1

Illumination, Finishes & Marking

  • Pressel halo and Braille tag illumination can be controlled separately
  • Wide range of illumination colors including red, yellow, green, blue and white (for pressel halo or tag)
  • Range of surround finishes – satin chrome, mirrored chrome, brass, antique brass and black chrome
  • Braille tag plate finishes – brush stainless steel, mirror stainless steel, brush brass, mirrored brass, black anodized aluminum molded in opal polycarbonate
  • Wide range of Braille tag legends & symbols are available

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Company: Dupar

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