Al-Sus Step Lift


A step lift is a vertical transportation device in the form of a moving carriage, seated along with the staircase that carries people between floors of a building. It consists of a motor-driven carriage step guided by cables that remain horizontal.

Our step lifts can be installed and used in any buildings. No amendment or major construction to the existing building is required. There is no need to build a shaft or digging underground for placing the motors and components etc. Just tell us the location of the staircase you wish to have this step lift, we can customise to your staircase profile and fix it on your staircase, it’s that simple!

It serves as an alternative to the existing elevators and escalator in the market. It can be installed anywhere, preferably where there are stairs. Be it in your home, in your neighbourhood, in your favourite eateries, shopping centres, at hotels, at your office tower, at the overhead bridge or flights of stairs you need to climb everyday – without the complexity of construction.

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