Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today it has received orders for the installation of high-speed elevators in Chengdu Hilton International Square and Chengdu International Mart, two building complexes currently under construction and scheduled to be opened in 2013 in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China. A total of 88 units of elevators and escalators are planned for these projects.

At Chengdu Hilton International Square, a 165.8-meter, mixed-use building complex incorporating offices, residences and a hotel, 48 sets of elevators will be installed, including 11 sets of high-speed models that can travel up to six meters per second, as well as four sets of escalators. The order was placed by Chengdu George Seaton Real Estate Co., Ltd.

For Chengdu International Mart, a 39-story, 168-meter structure housing offices, residences and commercial facilities, Chengdu Sino-Strong Co., Ltd., placed an order for 36 sets of elevators, including four high-speed models that can travel up to six meters per second.

About Mitsubishi Electric high-speed elevators

Mitsubishi’s ultra-high-speed elevators to travel faster than 1,000 meters per minute, or 60 kph, with enhanced efficiency, comfort and safety.

Drive and Controllability

  • The traction motor incorporates a permanent magnetic motor for energy-efficient, low-noise, low-vibration operation.
  • A single motor has two grouped three-phase winding coils and parallel drive systems controlled by separate control panels. Each motor has a built-in converter to regenerate electricity, lowering power consumption by more than 30 percent.
  • Brakes composed of two units with a hydraulic driven clamp-type disk brake achieve stable braking.


  • Safety gears, which activate the brakes by grasping the guide rails in emergencies if cables become transected,comprise two stages to manage increased kinetic energy due to ultra-high speeds.
  • Fine ceramic is used for the safety gear shoe to realize high resistance to heat, abrasion and shock. Braking isextra-stable even if high frictional heat is generated when the safety gear is activated.
  • The hydraulic oil buffer (shock absorber) at the bottom of the elevator shaft has an advanced plunger comprising three stages for exceptional shock absorption within a shortened frame.
  • Newly developed governor monitors elevator speed stably even with heavy loads placed by ropes traveling at high speeds over long distances.

Cable Mechanics

  • A steel core with a wider diameter provides high intensity, allowing traveling cables to be lightened by using light weight sheath material and operated by a highly efficient electric power carrier system.
  •  Mitsubishi Electric’s new “sfleX-rope” comprising bundles of high-intensity steel wire strands, each coveredwith plastic, offers higher intensity than conventional rope for safe operation despite the greater weight oflonger ropes. Each wire has a higher density and wider cross-sectional area than conventional rope, which helpsto reduce rope stretching caused when passengers step onto the elevator.


Ride Comfort

  • A new active roller guide, which reduces vibration from the guide rails and wind, enhances passenger comfort even at ultra-high speeds.
  • The inside of the car is extra-quiet thanks to a streamlined aerodynamic car cover and a high sound insulation cage.
  • Air pressure control helps to minimize rapid changes in atmospheric pressure for reduced ear discomfort.