ACCEL from ThyssenKrupp


ThyssenKrupp analysis shows that people at a distance of more than 500 metres from a metro station usually opt for other means of transport, despite the possibility of heavy traffic jams or significantly higher costs. Filling this gap in the transport landscape, ACCEL offers a cost-effective solution to improve the reach of metro stations and increase network connectivity without the need for major infrastructural or civil works, in addition to attracting 30% additional passengers to a more environmentally friendly mode of transport.

ACCELL ThyssenKrupp Super Fast Escalator

Some of the most recent expansions at large airport hubs have significantly increased distances between gates, making transit difficult for some passengers, especially the elderly and those travelling with children. The increased distances also prove to be a major issue when there are last-minute gate changes or long lines to complete pre-boarding formalities, often resulting in some passengers missing their flights altogether.

ACCEL is here to address these issue. You can find out more by clicking on the link below.


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