The modern city skyline is built on skyscrapers, but skyscrapers would not exist without elevators.

Enter LiftEye, the world’s first and most realistic virtual elevator window system designed to transform the passenger’s experience.

Operating similarly to Google Cars technology principles, LiftEye converts the conventional lift into a panoramic one with up to three HD LCD widescreen monitors fixed on to the car walls.

These monitors will stream the real time external building environment, which are captured by a small number of fixed cameras installed outside the building.

Delivering a realistic sense of place and time, the cameras transmit high quality 3D mirror images to the monitors with added depth and detail, such as raindrops rolling on the screen as the rain falls. This allows guests to experience views that correspond with the actual height of the elevator they are moving in.

The system can also function as the basis for various entertainment and information services.

According to product manufacturer LiftEye Ltd, the system provides architects with a number of benefits – including reduced initial and maintenance costs, as well as the availability of the system to both new and existing elevator installations, regardless of particular lift brands.

Video recording is also a purposefully excluded functionality, which eliminates privacy violation concerns.

LiftEye was first exhibited in October 2013 at Interlift, an international trade show for elevators and escalators in Augsburg, Germany. The company will participate in the CTBUH 2014 Shanghai International Conference dedicated to Future cities and Vertical Urbanism this year, which brings together leaders and thinkers from the engineering, architecture, policy and planning spheres to showcase the latest technologies and innovations to do with harmonious urban development.

LiftEye installation costs range from $50,000 – $500,000.


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