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Schindler CleanCall

Touchless Call and service buttons Less physical contact with shared interfaces means less potential to transmit dangerous bacteria and viruses, keeping tenants, employees and guests healthier. To make that...

Euro-Lift 2021

We look forward to seeing you at the EURO-LIFT Expo – the most comprehensive event dedicated to lifts industry held in Kielce. The lift industry proudly presents and discusses...

thyssenkrupp launches virtual showrooms across Asia and the Middle East

Enjoying a quick ride in the new and exciting MULTI-cabin? Casting a glance behind the curtain and admiring the groundbreaking technology working? No problem – with thyssenkrupp Elevator’s new Virtual Reality (VR) showrooms that...

Invisible Wheelchair Lift

Sesame Invisible Lift is the ideal solution for buildings where you need to have a wheelchair lift but you want it to be hidden, blended with your interior. For rises below 1000mm, the Sesame patented wheelchair...

Elevator Door Advertising

Schindler Elevator has recently introduced a new advertisement solution for your elevator doors. A short-distance projector capable operating in daylight located above elevator doors in a custom enclosure, connected to our CUBE, animates your...

Magic Mirror for Elevators

LU-VE Group through its sister company TGD launched GATEWAY, new IOT magic mirror technology which can be applied to the mirror installed in the elevator car cabs interiors. Their product is able to transform a...

Emergency Evacuation Platform

Korean company Nerigo has designed a simple evacuation platform which enables people, mainly elderly resident which can't make it easily down the stairs, quickly escape the danger of fire to safety. As you can...
Thyssenkrupp TeleRetail Delivery Robot on Street

Thyssenkrupp looks to delivery robots for elevator maintenance logistics

As part of a research project, thyssenkrupp Elevator is testing TeleRetail delivery robots to make elevator maintenance safer and more efficient. New solutions for urban logistics: Self-driving vehicles will be a normal part of street...

Thyssenkrupp MULTI in full scale

Thyssenkrupp has recently revealed that they have successfully developed fully functional full-scale MULTI elevators. Watch their promotional video above. In the video, you can clearly see many details such as the use of original elevator rails....

Hitachi’s Elevator Reaches 4134 fpm

Hitachi has announced that its ultra-high-speed elevator reached a speed of 4134 fpm / 1,260 m/min. The speed was recorded during a test of the elevator under installation in Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre, a...

ContiTech expands its production of elevator belts

A healthy order situation for heavy-duty timing belts and additional demand for the elevator industry are helping ContiTech to continue to grow. This is particularly noticeable at the Dannenberg location, where the opening ceremony...

Axel’s Unique Elevator Solution

  Axel, Italian based elevator company is one of the few elevator companies in the world who can designs this custom hoistway-less elevator to meet the specific wishes, desires, dreams and needs of their clients; architects, developers and...

Danfoss Eleveator Drive Offers Increased Flexibility During Breakdowns

When an obsolete elevator drive goes down, options to get the elevator moving again are usually limited. Companies are often restricted to replacing the entire lift controller, which is both expensive and time-consuming, or...

KONE’s Elevators Can Now Talk

KONE has now made elevator services truly intelligent. By connecting their elevators to the cloud, by listening closely, by analyzing their messages, they can tailor the perfect maintenance to each individual elevator. Now you can hear them,...

Invertek sells millionth VFD drive

Invertek Drives is celebrating reaching the historic milestone of selling in excess of one million variable frequency drives worldwide. The current production rate is in excess of 160,000 units per year showing an annual...

Elevator made out of composite materials

The world may soon get the first passenger elevator (enclosure) that is made out of composite materials. Unveiled by the Singapore Lift Company (SLC) on Wednesday (Jan 11), the elevator, named “8”, uses lightweight composite...

World’s Largest Ship Elevator Opens at Three Gorges Dam

The opening of the Three Gorges Dam ship elevator marks the completion of the project, also the world’s largest power plant, after construction began more than two decades ago.

Mitsubishi Electric Improves Speed of World’s Fastest Elevators

Mitsubishi announced that it has developed elevator technologies that achieved a speed of 1,230 meters per minute, or 20.5 meters per second (4035 fpm), the fastest elevator speed in the world (According to Mitsubishi...

The Pool-Pod Platform Lift

The Pool Lift Company is manufacturing, installing and maintaining pool lifts whilst working to meet any specification. According the company, the demand for pool lift have been rapidly increasing, especially following the recent changes to...