Riding your bike is not only good for the environment, but it’s good for your health. However, the biggest drag about biking is the storage… if you live in a big city, it can be hard to find a safe spot to store your wheels while you go about your day on foot. Now, a Spanish company by the name of ma-SISTEMAS has developed a unique solution, which is now expanding all across Europe. Sure, Biceberg looks like a gigantic mailbox, or maybe an MTA vending machine that got lost above ground, but it’s really quite brilliant in it’s design. Users insert a card, and then type their personal code. The Biceberg opens up to reveal essentially a bike elevator, which transports their bicycle to a secure underground parking area. The user must insert their card again later to retrieve their bike.


Co.Exist reports that the system is available in a wide variety of different sizes, which is capable of storing between 23 and 92 bicycles. Users also have the option to store a bag and helment along with their bike. A microwave radar is used to detect any unauthorized items–like animals or fuel… because people are absurd–and prevents the Biceberg from being sealed until they are removed. This is an incredible concept which let’s bike owners rest easy knowing their bike is safe–without half dismantling it before leaving it chained to some light post. Anybody that’s spent the day carrying their back tire around will be happy to have a “hands free” bike storage experience! Check out the video below to catch the Biceberg in action. I hope these get to the United States sooner rather than later… Having a safe place to store my bike in Los Angeles would totally convince me to cycle wherever I went.

Source: ma-SISTEMAS

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