Invertek Drives is celebrating reaching the historic milestone of selling in excess of one million variable frequency drives worldwide. The current production rate is in excess of 160,000 units per year showing an annual growth rate in production of over 20%.

The company, which manufactures its variable frequency drives at its headquarters in Welshpool, exports them worldwide for use in applications including general automation, pump control, HVAC building services, elevators and marine equipment.

Rhydian Welson, Invertek’s Sales and Marketing Director, says: “From humble beginnings back in 1998 when the company was formed, it is still hard to believe that we have just sold our one millionth variable frequency drive.

“We have worked hard over the years to develop partnerships both in the UK and overseas which enables us to sell our products in more than 80 countries worldwide and offer all customers the same high level of service through our dedicated distributors.

“Our variable frequency drives are used to control the speed of AC Induction motors. As around 28% of worldwide electricity is used by industrial motors, this means demand for the drives will continue to rise.

“Installing a variable frequency drive can reduce motor speed by 20% and result in energy reductions of up to 50%, saving not only running costs but also reducing the harm operations have on the environment.” he added.

To meet growing demand, Invertek is investing in a new 5,000 square metre factory, adjacent to the company’s current HQ facility in Welshpool, which will enable it to produce in excess of 400,000 drives per year. The new facility will also lead to increased capacity for our larger power drives.

The company needs additional space to expand its operations, increase efficiencies and capacity to meet the growing global demand for its services.

Rhydian added: “Scheduled to open in 2018, the new factory will ensure Invertek continues to be the variable frequency drive supplier of choice throughout the world. As it will be able to manufacture 400,000 drives a year, I’m sure we will be celebrating our two millionth sale in no time at all,” he added.


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