Inspections and Technical Services Manitoba (ITSM) has announced that elevating devices for persons with disabilities (EDPPDs) will now be subject to regular inspections and will require a valid permit in order to be operated.

This will become a requirement as of September 19, 2012.

Note the EDPPDs in private homes are not included in the above definition and will not be subject to regular inspections.

The regular inspection and permit requirements that will now apply to EDPPDs are similar to those that apply to other types of elevators. Previously, EDPPDs were only required to have an initial inspection at the time of installation.

Jennifer Howard, the minister responsible for persons with disabilities, made the announcement today.

“The safety and security of all Manitobans is important to our government. We want to be sure any kind of lifting device is working properly and has been carefully inspected,” said Howard. “A person can be injured if something goes wrong regardless of whether the lift is a few feet or a few stories off the ground.”

The new regulation requires:

  • specifications and drawings to be approved before an elevator is installed
  • initial inspections be conducted prior to a permit being issued and an elevator put into service
  • periodic re-inspections and permit renewals based on the age and condition of the equipment be conducted.

In addition to the new rules for inspections, the province will increase permit and approval fees by about 10 per cent, the minister said, noting this is the first fee increase since 2005.

The new fees will help offset the additional workload of elevator inspectors from Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba, which is part of the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC).

For more information read OFC Informational Safety Bulletin.