Hyundai Elevator won multiple awards this year at 2017 iF Design Awards, in Munich, Germany.

2017 iF Award (discipline: Product) was given to Hyundai Elevator for it’s elevator In / out lights (Digital Type): it helps users to relieve anxiety by providing a digital-format time display for users to predict the time the car will be out. In addition, it offers simple information about car types in order to distinguish the car. In / out lights (Analogue Type): it provides an emotional design of time that helps users to perceive when the car will be out. This will offer the user information about the time and a relaxing waiting time. Direction indicating lights: it does not only use the basic direction with text and red / green colored lights, but it also contains a pictogram to help the users to perceive the information more intuitively.


The second 2017 iF GOLD Award (Discipline: Professional Concept) was given to Hyundai Elevator for “ANYVATOR” large screen display. This is an elevator where multiple users can input destinations on their own eye level at the same time. In general, as elevator buttons are fixed on the standard height of an adult, spatial limit exists for the users who are shorter. The ANYVATOR installed a large screen display providing multi-touch which enables the entering of multiple destinations of multiple people simultaneously. Also, if the user touches anywhere on the wall by their palm, a screen to enter destination will appear. In addition, it provides users with various information such as the current floor, time and weather information by the screen display installed on the right side.

Source: iF Awards 2017

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