Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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KONE tweeting escalator

KONE introduced today (March 1, 2018) introduced a new chapter to promote its 24/7 Connected Services. After giving a voice to machine conversations between elevators and the IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) platform,...

Thyssenkrupp Elevator IoT giving profits

Thyssenkrupp Elevator said that connecting their elevator to the Internet of Cloud is lifting their profits by milion of euros. The German industrial conglomerate is preparing to start selling connected elevators in six more countries...

KONE’s Elevators Can Now Talk

KONE has now made elevator services truly intelligent. By connecting their elevators to the cloud, by listening closely, by analyzing their messages, they can tailor the perfect maintenance to each individual elevator. Now you can hear them,...

Huawei and Schindler Sign Global Agreement on IoT Connectivity

Huawei announced today that it has signed a Global Frame Agreement on Internet of Elevators & Escalators (IoEE) with Schindler Group, a leading global elevator manufacturer. Huawei and Schindler Group will cooperate in the...