Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Space elevator by 2050

Japanese construction giant Obayashi announces plans to have a space elevator up and running by 2050. Once the realm of science fiction, a Japanese company has announced they will have a space elevator up and...

Space Elevator Closer to Liftoff With Nano Carbon Cable

Professor Matteo Pasquali recently unspooled one of the longest carbon nano tube fibers from his lab in Rice University. One of the many possible uses for the super-strong, conductive fiber could be to build...

Why aren’t we building a space elevator?

Launching an object into space, even a small object, is incredibly expensive. The rocket fuel needed to get a space shuttle into orbit reflects a huge cost as well as significant attention from engineering...

Elevator Etiquette

As soon as I bring up elevator etiquette during a business etiquette seminar, I can be sure it will elicit some comments and opinions. Interestingly, the most mentioned issue is leaving the elevator. People...
How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

How to whitelist website on AdBlocker?

  1. 1 Click on the AdBlock Plus icon on the top right corner of your browser
  2. 2 Click on "Enabled on this site" from the AdBlock Plus option
  3. 3 Refresh the page and start browsing the site