Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Water Powered Passenger Elevator

The elevator industry is currently devoting a great deal of time and dare I say energy, into developing ‘green’ products that will contribute to...

Space Elevator Closer to Liftoff With Nano Carbon Cable

Professor Matteo Pasquali recently unspooled one of the longest carbon nano tube fibers from his lab in Rice University. One of the many possible...

Elevator Door Advertising

Schindler Elevator has recently introduced a new advertisement solution for your elevator doors. A short-distance projector capable operating in daylight located above elevator doors...

The World’s tallest moving observation tower

People who love London Eye will have soon available another attraction called British Airways i360, a sleek 162-meter-tall tower with a glass viewing pod that,...

Lates News

Schindler CleanCall

Touchless Call and service buttons Less physical contact with shared interfaces means less potential to transmit dangerous bacteria and...

FlexStep by Liftup