Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Elevator Etiquette

As soon as I bring up elevator etiquette during a business etiquette seminar, I can be sure it will elicit some comments and opinions....

The Psychology of Elevator Behavior Explained

What Causes Us to Shut Down? Scientists weigh in to explain why we behave so differently in elevators. Ever wondered why it is we all...

Women killed by homemade elevator

A homemade elevator was crafted with the best intentions, but investigators say it ended up crushing a Hernando County woman to death on Tuesday. Margaret...

In case of fire use elevator!

Any regular elevator user in North America is likely to be familiar with a particular sign posted in all elevator lobbies warning the public...

Lates News

Schindler CleanCall

Touchless Call and service buttons Less physical contact with shared interfaces means less potential to transmit dangerous bacteria and...

FlexStep by Liftup