Thursday, July 9, 2020

High-rise elevator demand in China goes up

Demand for skyscrapers and imposing buildings in third-tier Chinese cities is going into overdrive. This means that high-speed elevators are also in great demand...

Otis Gen2 Car with Special Antimicrobial Features

Otis Korea has released the Gen2® Care with special antimicrobial features, designed for multiple-use buildings including hospitals and medical facilities. The Otis Gen2 Care elevator...

Otis Expands SkyRise with Self-Climbing Construction Elevator

Otis Elevator introduces the innovative new SkyBuild self-climbing construction elevator, which enables builders to complete high-rise projects faster while reducing costs. The SkyBuild elevator...

Theresa Christy – The Ups and Downs

You press a button and wait for your elevator. How long before you get impatient and agitated? Theresa Christy says 20 seconds. As a mathematician...

Otis wins largest single contract in the history of India’s elevator...

 The elevator and escalator company will provide 670 units to the Hyderabad Metro Rail Project Otis Elevator Company (India) Limited is proud to announce that...

Otis Announces New Elevator Test Tower and R&D Center in China

Otis China will build a new elevator test tower in Shanghai as part of a new global research and development facility. Planned at approximately...

Otis Elevator Company Marks 160th Anniversary

Otis Elevator Company, the United Technologies Corp. unit which powered cities skyward and moves passengers up and down structures as diverse as the Eiffel...

Made to Move You

OTIS' "Made to Move You" film took home two awards this week at The Brand Film Festival! More at

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Schindler CleanCall

Touchless Call and service buttons Less physical contact with shared interfaces means less potential to transmit dangerous bacteria and...

FlexStep by Liftup