Mitsubishi Expand Development and Manufacturing Capabilities

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that it will establish a new factory and test tower to strengthen the development and manufacturing capabilities of Mitsubishi...

Mitsubishi Electric to Launch NEXIEZ-LITE Elevators in India

Mitsubishi has announced that they are lunching for NEXIEZ-LITE for Indian-market, a new lineup in the company's NEXIEZ global series of elevators, for low-...

World’s fastest elevator at 60 km/h

As skyscrapers get taller, elevators are getting faster. The new ones travel as fast as a car on a city street at over 60 km/h. In...

New Mitsubishi NEXIEZ-GPX line of elevators

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced today that it will launch the NEXIEZ-GPX, a new line of NEXIEZ-series elevator for Central and South America on November...

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Schindler increasing efficiency?

What if robot technology could help us further increase efficiency safety and even diversity on construction sites while allowing elevator technicians to focus-on what...
ACCELL ThyssenKrupp Super Fast Escalator

ACCEL from ThyssenKrupp

Schindler CleanCall

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