Enjoying a quick ride in the new and exciting MULTI-cabin? Casting a glance behind the curtain and admiring the groundbreaking technology working? No problem – with thyssenkrupp Elevator’s new Virtual Reality (VR) showrooms that are currently installed in the company’s branches across Asia and the Middle East. They literally take visitors on a journey through the future of urban mobility.

Displayed for the very first time at the Dubai Airport Show earlier this year, the concept attracted much attention among the guests. Instead of looking at brochures, charts, and graphs or simply watching presentations on the screen, the attendees had the chance to literally immerse in the new MULTI and TWIN-technology and to experience the new transport solutions from the inside out.

The new VR concept includes seven different theme rooms that take the visitors straight to the heart of technologies and solutions like TWIN and MULTI. For example, they have the chance to experience a ride in the new transport system and closely inspect the cabins including applying several furnishing options. They also can learn about the operating principle of the new thyssenkrupp Elevator solutions as well as about the numerous possibilities of using it in urban areas.

After achieving a huge success at the Dubai Airport Show, thyssenkrupp Elevator strives to offer the impressing VR Showroom to as many people as possible in growing markets. The first installation took place in Hong Kong – and some further showrooms follow in almost all Asian branches. Today, there are VR offers in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, the UAE, and Jordan. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt and countries from the APAC region are to follow soon – as well as countries in Europe.

“We bring the showroom experience directly to our branches – close to where our customers really are. Especially regarding the fact that some of our products are not accessible to customers, our VR concept allows for really unusual and rare insights into out-of-reach areas,“ explains Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO thyssenkrupp Elevator.

With VR’s 360-degree environment, customers and visitors get an astonishingly realistic feeling of products, solutions, and the way technologies work. Moreover, the VR principle enables maximum customization, so the customers profit from various options that can be realized in an instant, as for example the particular design of the cabins and the applied materials.

“thyssenkrupp Elevator not only provides tomorrow’s technologies for tomorrow’s concepts of urban mobility, but also tomorrow’s way of presenting them. Just like MULTI is driven by a technical revolution, our way to communicate it to customers and the interested public is driven by the multiple, almost limitless possibilities that VR offers,” Schierenbeck adds.

Source: thyssenkrupp.com

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