The Province of Ontario, Canada, is the first in the world to pass a legislation that establishes standards repair times for elevators.

The new law improves user access to the elevators by enforcing maintenance requirements.

Additionally, it allows publication of information about elevator performance to inform consumers before they rent or buy an apartment or condo.

This legislation introduced by Consumer Service Minister Tracy MacCharles, is part of a bill that also aims to enhance consumer control over credit information.

“Access to reliable elevators is a necessity and, in some instances, a lifeline,” MacCharles said in a statement. “Our proposed new rules for consumer reporting agencies and elevators would, if passed, help give Ontario consumers more information about things that we rely on in our daily lives.”

Other proposed rule includes creating standards for new high-rise buildings to ensure they have enough elevators to adequately serve residents, to ensure that developers are not cutting down on elevators in lieu of more floor space.

See the links for more information about the passed bill as well as for the TSSA elevator availability study, based on which the law was passed.



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