Magic Mirror for Elevators


LU-VE Group through its sister company TGD launched GATEWAY, new IOT magic mirror technology which can be applied to the mirror installed in the elevator car cabs interiors.

Their product is able to transform a common elevator interior mirror into a full interactive touch-screen & internet-connected video screen.

Compared to traditional video/information screens “magic mirror” can have a variety of uses:

  • Touch-screen video display
  • Digital signage and communication
  • Advertising & communication: example flight info in an airport, advertisement info in shopping malls
  • Enhanced emergency service through an additional micro camera
  • Maintenance/servicing support using direct video/audio connection between HQ and maintenance personnel on site

The system is very light and thin, with minimal impact on cabin weights and spaces.

Gateway will be officially presented at Elevcon – the 22nd International Congress on Vertical Transportation Technologies (22-24 May 2018, Berlin, Germany)

More info:

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