Interloop Escalator Artwork at Wynyard Station’s


A new iconic wooden heritage-inspired escalator (original Otis) artwork called “Interloop” by Chris Fox has been unveiled at Wynyard Station’s Yor Street entrance in Syndey, Australia. The unveiled installation incorporates 244 treads and 4 combs from the historic wooden escalators.

“While the new modern escalators at Wynyard Station are safer, more reliable and reduce the cost of maintenance, it was important to recognise the heritage status of Railway House and the York Street lobby as well as the iconic wooden escalators which were among the last of their kind in the world,” said Ms Prendergast.

This artwork marks officially completion of the Wynyard Station Upgrade which included widening of the concourse, increasing the station capacity to 150,000 people per day, improving accessibility with new elevator and escalators, including facilities and amenities and generally improving pedestrian flow.

Bellow you can find interesting Time-Laps of replacing the old Otis Escalator for new KONE.

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