KONE Australia has long history of supporting education and developing new talent through their apprenticeship program. They have been taking apprentices for more than 60 years, and they pride themselves on nurturing and developing young talent. All their apprentices get trained from the ground floor through all the way to highly skilled tradespeople.

2016 marks a record intake of KONE apprentices since the 1990s, and coincides with the 25th year of the KONE National Apprentice of the Year Award. The Award is a great way for us to celebrate and formally recognize the tremendous talent our apprentices around the country demonstrate.

This year they are taking a total of 100 apprentices around the country, with the largest intakes in New South Wales and Victoria. The apprenticeship program is a fantastic way for us to attract new talent and foster the best technicians, who in the years to come could grow to be the future senior managers of KONE. Apprentices help us maintain and preserve the quality of skills in our industry, and allow us to grow our highly skilled team each year.

For young people apprenticeship programs are a great way to enter the workforce whilst getting a formal qualification. All KONE apprentices are indentured under the Australian Apprenticeship scheme, and completing the qualification generally takes four years. Apprentices have the option to complete the structured training on-the-job, off-the-job, or by combining the two. Our apprentices receive training in the areas applicable to their trade category, and they move through a series of tasks applicable to increasing their skills and knowledge. The program provides apprentices the opportunity to put the skills they learn into practice whilst providing a supportive learning environment, with someone always on-hand to show how things are done.

KONE believes in improving performance through inspiring, engaging and developing our people. Personal growth is strongly supported and there are versatile opportunities for career development after the apprenticeship program.

Source: KONE

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