The Pool-Pod Platform Lift


The Pool Lift Company is manufacturing, installing and maintaining pool lifts whilst working to meet any specification.

According the company, the demand for pool lift have been rapidly increasing, especially following the recent changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 2012. The new ADA guidelines insisted that all swimming pools, whether new or existing, were fully accessible for disabled individuals. Although this applied solely to swimming pools across the US, businesses all over the world have been left looking ahead as to how they can improve accessibility with lift solutions.

Sean O’Sullivan, Managing Director of The Pool Lift Company, said: “The Platform Lift Company is incredibly successful, having worked with some of the largest businesses all over the world. We’re hoping to continue this success with The Pool Lift Company and have already completed several commercial and residential projects, with many more in the pipeline.”

Although new to the scene, The Pool Lift Company is already one of UK’s leading suppliers of both swimming pool and platform lifts for disabled access.


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