Hyundai Elevator Co., South Korea’s No. 1 moving solutions provider, announced today that it has developed system that permits ordinary people to call elevators using their smartphones.

Hyundai Real Time Service (HRTS) 2.0 system is currently used by 10,000 elevator for real time elevator monitoring. By downloading dedicated phone (free) application this system can be easily used to place a calls.

It aims to enhance the convenience of people living and working in high-rise buildings, who have to wait for some time to get a ride.

Hyundai-HRTS-Remote-phone-dispatching-system 2Many modern apartments and office buildings are opting out for expensive destination dispatch systems, to reduce wait times.Hyundais HRTS system was developed for this purpose.

Hyundai Elevator said that another advantage of its latest service system is that building managers can keep track of all elevators, safety inspection and “minor repairs” can be done remotely.

Company claimed that “Roughly 66 percent of trouble calls can be handled with the HRTS”. This translates into substantial savings and greater convenience both for users and operators.

Hyundai Elevator added that it is working to further improve the system by implementing closed circuit TVs.


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