ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s vice president of sustainability, Brad Nemeth, joined representatives from the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems (CSE) to celebrate the opening of the center’s Living Laboratory in Boston’s Innovation District. The new facility, which features ThyssenKrupp’s elevators, is an innovative research center that showcases leading solar and energy efficiency technologies.

“We see our partnership with the Fraunhofer Living Laboratory as an opportunity to help further our own sustainability goals related to product development.” said Rich Hussey, president and CEO, ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas. “It is exciting to showcase one of ThyssenKrupp’s energy-efficient elevators as a part of The Living Laboratory and to work with other market-leaders to further the evolution of energy efficient products and in turn smarter buildings and cities.”

Home to Fraunhofer CSE’s The Living Laboratory is a product of the Building Technology Showcase, a collaboration of partners from leading building industry manufacturers and businesses who donated energy-efficient systems, materials and services to the project. The goal of the Business Technology Showcase is to give the general public access to energy-efficient technology information and demonstrations, while also providing companies the opportunity to deploy new products in real-world environments.

“The Fraunhofer CSE Living Laboratory was developed to further the advancement of sustainable energy systems and nurture a thriving clean energy community,” said Fraunhofer CSE Director Dr. Christian Hoepfner. “We are honored to have strong partners in the pursuit of these goals and would like to thank ThyssenKrupp Elevator for their continued support of our work.”

ThyssenKrupp Elevator donated a synergy machine room-less elevator and the labor to install it to the project. The seven-stop elevator has a 4,000-pound capacity cab and travels 200 feet per minute. Part of ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s machine room-less portfolio, synergy elevators are compact, permanent magnet gearless machines that offer a highly efficient and sustainable solution. The gearless machine, coupled with an efficient drive uses less energy than traditional elevator equipment.

“In fact, synergy elevators actually generate power for use by the building with their regenerative drive technology,” continued Hussey. “Energy created by the elevator during braking can be fed back into the building’s electrical grid rather than being dissipated as heat into the machine room.”

Source: ThyssenKrupp Elevator

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