Hyundai achieved all orders on bicycle automatic parking facility on 3 places as Yeong deung po station(captial area west office), Dae gu station(Dae gu office), Kwang ju station(Kwang ju office) last month 19th.

The facillity is underground molding type for Yeong deung po station·Dae gu station and ground independent type for Kwang ju station, and plan to open to public at the end of this year. On this achievement, Hyundai explained “The result is from low cost, fast reaction and supply line, effective maintenance service.”.
Hyundai expected that the related market would be expanded from public transportation to apartment house according to the policy of vitalizations of bicycle using by government.

According to the notification of ‘Mandatory of installation of bicycle parking lot for new apartment house’ last year, city have population more than 500,000, must install bicycle parking lots for 30 bicycles per 100 houses and all city·district·ward must install bicycle parking lots for 50 bicycles per 100 houses.
Song jin chul, CEO of Hyundai, sad “I expect synergy effect between parking lots and elevators business if parking lot market expand to apartment house” and added “Henceforth, we will standardize design according to the place for installation and make better products”.

On the other hands, Hyundai showed new model for 200 bicycles handling parking lots last May. This model can be installed to underground, ground and have many gates to reduce waiting time so it’s favourable for transient place such as public park and stations. Especially, underground molding type need 12㎡ ground area for installation so, it can solve area problem.

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