hyundai elevator called by foot
The “touchless footbutton” feature comes in handy for carrying grocery bags.

Hyundai Elevator Co., South Korea’s No. 1 moving solutions provider, said Thursday it developed a new type of lift that can be summoned by a foot movement.

The company, who commanded more than 45 percent of the domestic market in 2013, said the New Yzer model is the first of its kind in the world to use foot motion detection in operating “machine-roomless elevator (MRL).” The “touchless foot button” system works when sensors pick up foot movement near the elevator’s door and summons the lift to the specific floor without the need to push a button with one’s fingers. This can be convenient for people carrying large loads in their hands.

Beside such novel features, the lift can be set up even in a building with the smallest-size elevator shaft in the country and only requires 110-centimeter-deep pit at the bottom of the shaft.

This is important because such characteristics translate into lower construction costs and shorter building time.

“For a nine-person lift, the New Yzer has been able to reduce the shaft size by a maximum 5 percent vis-a-vis other MRLs in the country,” the company said in a press release.

A nine-person lift, is found in many small apartments, and the New Yzer can use a shaft that is 185cm wide and 157cm in length.

Besides making the lift shaft more compact, Hyundai Elevator incorporated an LCD smart indicator panel to give users a clearer basic information on the elevator’s movement. It can be installed with closed-circuit TV cameras and comes with clean-air filters, as well as ultrasonic insect repellents to keep out mosquitoes and flies.

Source: Hyundai Elevator

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