An elevator is a lot like a train in that everyone gets on board and has to make every stop along the way. But what if it could be more like a limousine, and take you swiftly and comfortably to exactly where you want to go?

That’s the idea behind KONE’s Polaris destination control system for passenger elevators. It can dramatically improve vertical transportation in residential buildings, office buildings, hotel and business complexes. With its wide and flexible range of visual designs, elevator call personalization and security options, KONE Polaris will also have a positive impact on the look and feel of the entire building.


Whether in a large office building, a hotel or residential complex, the purpose of KONE Polaris is the same:

  • To benefit building owners by increasing efficiency.
  • To benefit passengers by increasing comfort and reducing journey times.
  • To benefit occupants by increasing security and peace of mind.

Increased capacity, shorter wait times

KONE Polaris uses artificial intelligence to learn and forecast the traffic flows of the building. When the traffic intensity alters, the control system measures the changed traffic patterns and switches its optimization routines accordingly.

Simply a better way to travel

With conventional collective control, passengers wait in a crowd then rush into the first elevator that arrives, before struggling to get to the buttons to select their floor and stopping at every floor selected.

With KONE Polaris, passengers select their destination before being guided to an elevator that has been assigned to take them, and a limited number of other passengers, to a specific range of floors. Because they have been assigned a place in the elevator, boarding is calm and orderly.

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