Mitsubishi has announced that they are lunching for NEXIEZ-LITE for Indian-market, a new lineup in the company’s NEXIEZ global series of elevators, for low- and mid-rise residential and office buildings beginning April 14. Annual sales of 1,000 units are targeted by 2016.

Main Features

Standardized functions and specifications for India

– Basic features suitable for low- and mid-rise buildings in India, helping to reduce lead-time while strengthening price competitiveness.
– Mitsubishi Emergency Landing Device (MELD)* and safety functions such as Multi-beam Door Sensor** are standard-equipped.
– Three types of car designs** matched to architectural designs and colors suited to Indian tastes.

Energy Savings

– Gearless traction machine using a permanent magnetic motor reduces power consumption by 20% compared to inverter-controlled worm traction machines.
– LEDs for car lighting reduce power consumption by 75% compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

More about NEXIEZ-LITE can be found here.

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