KONE has introduced an advanced elevating solution for use during construction. This technology largely replaces the traditional exterior hoisting system and brings real value to the construction phase of the project. The KONE JumpLift solution increases the safety of the job site, improves efficiency, and speeds up the construction work. It gives builders a competitive advantage when tendering for projects by providing lower costs and faster delivery.

The KONE JumpLift uses the building’s permanent hoistway for construction time use, putting completed floors into action while allowing the installation to continue above. The KONE  JumpLift has a temporary fixed machine-room that moves upwards (‘jumps’) in the  hoistway as the construction work progresses. When the building structure is finished, changing over to the permanent elevator is a straightforward matter of installing the final machinery and finishing the material surfaces of the elevator car, landing doors and signalization.

The benefits generated by the KONE JumpLift can be seen by every member of the construction site team. The increased productivity helps every trade and service partner to complete their work in the safest and most efficient way. The building owner can choose to put completed floors into active use, offering the option to generate business faster. With the KONE JumpLift, today’s innovative builder enhances their value and brings a new, competitive advantage to the table.


As soon as the building has reached the 7th floor, a temporary machine room is installed inside the shaft and the elevator can begin service for the first two floors. The KONE JumpLift follows the rise of the building, adding new floors into service (three recommended, maximum of five) as the building requires.

KoneJumpLift - How it works?


Traffic capacity can increase three-fold compared with a traditional exterior hoist, because the KONE JumpLift travels faster and it has automatic doors.

Operating under the standard EN81-1 elevator code, with standard operating panels, buttons and automatic doors, traffic with the CTU KONE JumpLift is as safe as with a standard elevator.

With all vertical transportation taking place inside the building, lower floors are closed up and ready for finishing much earlier. Since all transportation takes place in a dry, windproof shaft, construction activities can continue unhindered, even in bad weather.

Ready sooner
At the end of the construction phase, getting the elevator ready for normal operation requires considerably less time


Faster People and Goods Flow during the Build Phase, Efficient build phase

KONE MonoSpace (Special), KONE MiniSpace

Max. travel(m)
KONE MonoSpace (Special): 120m
KONE MiniSpace: 180m (1600 kg) or 200m (1350 kg)

Load (kg):
KONE MonoSpace (Special): 1000, 1275, 1600
KONE MiniSpace: 1300, 1600

Speed (m/s):
Up to 2.5

Source: KONE

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