The MAX is a new elevator position indicator display based on the C.E. Mini PI series. These screens are not only sharper and crisper, but have unsurpassed viewing angles.

The MAX stands out above all other elevator position indicator displays by being the most flexible position indicator available. It allows the representation of much more than just an elevator position. It’s a multi-function unit designed to display both custom graphics and text, such as advertisements, tenant or building information and text-based messages.

It comes in three different sizes 10.4″,  9″ and 7.

The Max is a flexible information position indicator which can be customized for any building or corporation. This customization can reflect architectural elements, color schemes, with a full 256 color TFT screen and corporate identity. Within this customization, information can be presented to passengers regarding the elevator’s current position and direction, arrival arrows along with priority messages from the controller. It’s also designed to be destination type display showing floors served when in destination mode. These units also have a non-movement selectable time blanking to help preserve back-light life.

The display works directly from elevator signals to prompt information. The units can be updated by customer via a USB stick through car operation panel.

Company: C.E. Electronics, Inc.

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